105 Newtown Lane East Hampton, NY 11937

Small Plate



Crispy Brussels Sprout 12

Drizzled with savory vinaigrette sauce


Kani Salad 12

Cucumber, crab sticks mixed in mayo

and topped with tobiko


Fried Mini Chicken Gyoza8

Fried chicken & vegetable dumpling


Pork Shumai (4 pcs) 8

Fried pork dumpling

Fried Shrimp Pops10

Fried breaded Shrimp Skewer


Fried Chicken Nugget8

Fried marinated chicken nugget


Takoyaki (4 pcs) 7

Fried octopus fritters drizzled with tako

sauce mayo, top with crushed bonito

flakes crunch and scallion


Bento Box

Chicken Teriyaki25


Salmon Teriyaki25


Slice Beef with Onion25

Sushi Bento *28

5 pcs sushi


Sashimi Bento *28

7 pcs sashimi

With California roll, edamame, shrimp and veggie tempura

Fried Rice

Japanese Fried Rice 18

Fried rice w. chicken, edamame,

onion, carrot, and egg


Keto Cauliflower Fried Rice 20

Stir fried cauliflower with chicken, egg,

edamame, onion & carrot

Kimchi Fried Rice20

Stir fried rice with Spam ham, kimchi

& fried egg, seaweed on top


Duck Fried Rice24

Stir fried rice w. BBQ duck, edamame,

onion, carrot, and egg



Shoyu Ramen 17

Shoyu broth, pork belly, bok choy,

menma, egg & scallion


Chicken Shoyu Ramen 18

Shoyu broth, chicken, bok choy,

menma, egg & scallion


Spicy Tofu Ramen18

Spicy Kimchi tofu, mushroom,

tofu nugget & scallion


Smoke Duck Ramen24

Shoyu broth, smoke duck, bok choy,

menma, egg & scallion

Sushi Special

Crispy Rice Spicy Tuna (5 pcs) * 15

Spicy tuna on top of crispy rice w.

spicy mayo, eel sauce & tobiko


Red & White Sushi * 26

2 pcs each tuna, yellow tail, salmon, fluke


Tuna Poke Bowl * 26

Marinated tuna cube, spicy tuna with scallion, mango, avocado, edamame, carrot, cabbage, wonton chip


Salmon Poke Bowl * 28

Marinated tuna cube, spicy tuna with scallion, mango, avocado, edamame, carrot, cabbage, wonton chip


Chirashi Bowl * 28

Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, fluke,

shrimp, white tuna, ikura, tamago




Regular Roll

California Roll7


Spicy California Roll8


Crab Meat California Roll14


Tuna Avocado Roll*9


Spicy Tuna Roll*9


Spicy Tuna with Avocado*10


Salmon Avocado Roll*9


Spicy Salmon Roll*9


Eel Avocado Roll10


Philadelphia Roll12

Smoked salmon, Avocado, cream cheese

Avocado Roll6


Cucumber Roll6


Sweet Potato Roll7


Tuna Roll* 8


Salmon Roll* 8


Yellowtail Scallion Roll* 9


Shrimp Tempura Roll10

Fried shrimp tempura, cucumber & spicy mayo


Chicken Tempura Roll10

Fried chicken tempura, cucumber & spicy mayo


Sushi & Sashimi

Tuna *6


Yellow Tail *6


Salmon *5


Fluke *5


Shiro Maguro *5




Tobiko * 4.5


Ikura * 6


Eel 6




Shrimp 4




Special Roll

Hampton Roll *14

Spicy tuna, yellow tail, cucumber & scallion


Newtown Roll *16

Salmon avocado inside, torch pepper jack

cheese and tobiko, crunch, scallion on top


St Patrick Roll *16

Spicy yellow tail, avocado, crunch

& wasabi tobiko


John Roll *18

Spicy salmon, wasabi tobiko, crunch,

top with spicy tuna


J Roll *18

Shrimp Tempura, spicy mayo

top w. eel avocado


Tsunami Roll *18

Spicy tuna, jalapeño inside,

top spicy yellow tail


Spider Roll 18

Fried soft-shell crab, spicy mayo,

cucumber and eel sauce


Shogun Roll18

Chicken tempura, avocado, cucumber,

kani & sriracha


Crazy Boy Roll *20

Tempura Fried California roll with spicy

kani wasabi tobiko and eel sauce on top


Dragon Roll20

Real crab meat, avocado & top w. eel & avocado


TAI Roll *20

Shrimp tempura inside on top with

spicy yellow tail scallion and fried shallot


Zech Roll *20

Salmon, avocado, mayo top with

spicy kani tobiko and eel sauce


  * Consuming raw or undercooked meats, fish, shellfish or fresh shell eggs may increase

your risk of food-borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.

* This menu item is raw or partly raw.



Matcha 4pcs12


Chocolate 4pcs12


Strawberry 4pcs12


Vanilla Chip 4pcs12


Salted Caramel 4pcs12


Banana Pudding 4pcs12


Mango 4pcs12


Passion Fruit 4pcs12


Wafer Ice Cream

Chocolate / Vanilla  5


Bubble Tea                     (M)      (L)


Brown Sugar Bubble Milk Tea 6       7.25


Brown Sugar Bubble with Milk (No Tea) 6       7.25


Matcha Latte Bubble Tea 6       7.25


Cappuccino Bubble Tea 6       7.25


Crème Brûlée Boba Milk Tea 7       8.25


Oreo Crème Brûlée Boba Milk Tea 7.95  9.25



Yogurt Drinks  (M) 5  (L) 6.25


Strawberry Yogurt


Passion fruit Yogurt


Mango Yogurt


Grapefruit Yogurt



Slushes   (M) 6  (L) 7.5


Mango Slush


Cappuccino Slush


Strawberry Slush


Oreo Slush


Fruit Tea  Hot 5.5  Cold 7


Grapefruit Tea


Passion Fruit Tea


Mango Tea


Strawberry Tea


Honey Ginger Tea





Japanese Soda 4.5

Original, Grape, Orange, Melon, Peach


Coke / Sprite / Diet Coke2.5


Still Water 3


Sparkling Water 3



White Rice3


Sushi Rice4


Miso Soup4


Seaweed Salad8

Eel Sauce2


Spicy Mayo2


Teriyaki Sauce2


Small Plate


Bento Box


Wafer Ice Cream

Ramen (Noodle)

Sushi Special

Regular Roll

Sushi & Sashimi

Special Roll

Fried Rice



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